Free Listings

Basic listings are free.

That’s to ensure that the site is always FULL of basically good information and will always be a valuable site for people looking for information on what’s available in Hell’s Kitchen.

A basic listing includes:

  • Business name
  • Sub-header (if the business name alone doesn’t describe your service)
  • Street address
  • A note of which avenues or streets you are between
  • Phone numbers (1-2)
  • Fax number
  • Website URL if you have a website.

You send us this information — together with the business category in which you wish to be placed — and we’ll put you up on the site, no charge.

If you wish to add more information or images, please refer to our very reasonable self-maintenance options at: administrator rates.

The more information there is about you online, the more likely it is that people can find you directly via search engines, so it’s worth it to make yourself a full page if you want the competitive edge.